How shall I write a daydream,
And color the sounds of your laughter blue?
For they no longer flow from my fingertips,
No more do they glint in the light of your sight.

Here, I am wordless,
Filling a world I am no part of.



Take me home.



Sonnet 18.

Madness, lunacy, call it what you must,
But I’ll still sit and watch you all night long;
Call it devotion, but do not say lust,
And you’ll wake to birds chirping our love song.
Turn over to me with smile on your face,
And nuzzle your nose at nape of my neck,
For your every movement that’s full of grace,
Made me melt into weak and helpless wreck!
Put your small lovely fingers on my lips;
I’ll hold in laughter as you kiss my nose,
And I’ll lean close and take hold of your hips;
But oh! That is not as far as it goes!
            For I want you here away from the world:
            Our souls, tangled, yet graciously unfurled!




You’ve became the occupant of my mind,
The occupant in my mind,
And the tranquility in my soul.
Yes, I do crave to feel your presence,
I do long to be just by your side,
Just me, and you, two of us– as we should be.

Sonnet 17.

What should she say and how should she begin,
When all she feels requires no words at all?
Do they know of her silence deep within?
Of all her struggle– of her rise and fall?
It is a rather vile and dreadful thing!
To feel so much and keep them all inside,
To lose your voice and unable to sing,
To keep yourself behind your walls and hide.
Does she cover herself under the stars,
And think of the chaos inside her heart?
Is she afraid of me seeing her scars,
And consider herself as one failed art?
            Does she know that even she’s in pieces,
            I will still love her for all that she is?




So what if you have beaten and scarred?
I think your scars and wounds are beautiful.
And I will love them,
Just as I would love every sing inch of you.
I would fight on so that you may heal,
Just like I would fight on so that you won’t hurt again.


.. And I still look for you every single night,
Between the bright moon and the city lights.
Scouring through shadows, covered in darkness,
Thoughts flow– fading away into nothingness.

For in your absence– the instrument of my woe,
I shiver– I tremble, out of despair and sorrow;
With desolate stillness between my days and hours,
I crave– I ache, for sunshines and flowers.

Without you, every spring is an icy, bleak winter.






People say absence only sharpens love.
Oh it might make my heart go insane sometimes,
But know that this love is not an plain, ordinary, love.
If it was, it would’ve gone since long, long time ago.
For absence diminishes mediocre passions,
And increases the great ones,
As the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires.

Sonnet 16.

I won’t disclose this love under spotlights,
For I have learned to love you in silence:
To speak love’s truest truth into the night,
With only the stars as my audience;
And with both our souls tightly connected
Between the cosmos and the silver moon,
And with our mark, white on the blue, painted
Among the vast skies and the sun at noon.
Do pull the strings of my heart through and through!
For every pulse that beats inside of me
Is everlastingly throbbing for you;
It always has been, and always will be.
            Let my love’s silence catch you word by word,
            Escaped as whisper your heart only heard.




I don’t need grand declaration of love
And I don’t need flashy show up on the world’s stage.
Let my words secretly stir the ocean within your heart,
Surrender your soul to this wave – love’s wave.
Let them make you feel emotions and get your blood racing.
Let them do it silently, among the quietness of midnight.
Let me love you in silence.
Oh I could scream all my words, my thoughts, and my poems,
I could write our names and describe my love for you to everyone.

But right now, for me,
Loving out loud is just so goddamn overrated.

The First Hug.


In that lovely moment, when she broke herself into my arms, I held her closer to my heart. I had no letters or words to tell her what I felt. Words were like water, sprinkled on hot sand: lost, before they can make a mark.

As I kissed her hair, and traced the curves of her waist, she trembled and came closer, enfeebling herself and me with each movement. And as her warm breath touched my neck, I did nothing but hold her close; close enough for her to hear my heart. For we were devoid of words in that moment.

But even without speaking, both of us said billions of things. In that┬álovely moment, I didn’t need any words, for I have fallen in love with her silence. In that lovely moment, I need not her body.

For I have completely fallen in love with her soul.



4 A.M.

It’s one of those hours where you
           are wrapped around my mind,
           causing thundering madness,
           from which I can’t seem to escape.

Where I tremble with silence,
           and shatter with dying stars.




While my thoughts were quiet,
And the unspoken words
Were sealed with my trembling lips
Inside my mouth,
My hands were screaming.

Sonnet 15.

Oh lately I’ve been helpless catching breath;
It is the absence of you in my life,
That caused part of my soul suffered great death:
A struggle that feels like an endless strife.
I long the simple sound of your dear voice,
How you whispered to my ear beside me
The words of how I am your only choice;
How united in love we’ll always be.
Do light my soul, and fill me with your grace,
Shine your perfection, calm my fretting heart,
And make it glow! Make my loving heart race!
Just as you have always done from the start.
            Know that I’m yours until the end of time,
            For our love will be forever sublime.




There will always be a feeling for you
That is just so unexplainable.
One that needs no reason,
Because the love I have for you
Is just because it is.
For since the very first time I saw you,
I finally know what true love is.

Sonnet 14.

Perhaps the things that finally break you
Are just the wicked words caught in your throat,
For you have years of thoughts not uttered through,
Crammed in the pockets of your hidden coat.
It’s clearly not a proof of being weak
To keep all of your words within your hand,
For when the others listen and then speak,
You listen just so you could understand.
And surely it is strength when things unsaid
Fill the whole room up to the highest brim;
For you’re the only one that went ahead,
Who has fully taught your own self to swim.
            Just let them fill their words with foolishness,
            For silence is not a sign of weakness.




Let them say whatever it is that they want to say,
And let them throw whatever it is that they have to you.
Because those things are only carried by haters,
Spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.
Remember this, Love:
No one has ever made themselves great
By showing how small someone else is.

Strive on.