Dear Love,

I can’t help but wonder if you actually feel lost right now.
Because, it’s as if you still don’t even fully understand on what you want to do.
Go on, gulp that self-pity; feel like a victim; whatever; but I believe you know that you still have to stand up for yourself and do whatever it is that you want.
Now, with you in your own state of ‘failure’ and being quite unsure about things, I, again, can’t help but thinking if you actually are feeling lost.

Well, if you do, I’m going to congratulate you anyway.

Because, you are supposed to feel lost right now.

Love, you are not supposed to feel like you have everything figured out.
You’re not supposed to be the magical CEO of a huge company, or maybe even be the next swimming Olympic champion because you said you’re so good at swimming.
Alright, you may have your say by saying that you’re not yet ‘stable’ nor settled.

But, Love, you have to know: right now, you are NOT supposed to be at the peak of your career yet, or even the peak of your life.

It’s only almost one year since you first drank alcohol, not to mention that it’s not even a year since you graduated from university and got your degree.
You have only spent – what, 23? – years around the sun, that’s all.
If I were you, I would maybe rather be lost any day than to have a set schedule, a ten-year plan, or to be confined in a cubicle in a certain office with nowhere to go and with no new places to see that limits my growth.
Yes, I would rather be lost any day, than to be stuck in a career that I hate.

In fact, being lost is a privilege.

Because it gives you endless opportunities to find what you are looking for.
It gives you endless sights to see and, arguably, endless jobs to take.
And most importantly, it gives you the ultimate freedom to discover yourself.
Embrace it, and welcome that new found state of mind of being lost: the feeling of being uncomfortable, the uneasiness, the fear, and the doubts.
Love, no one ever gets anywhere– no one ever gets to where they want to be, before getting lost, and turned around at the first place.
So go on, call yourself a failure, weep over it, indulge yourself in self-pity.
Make yourself a victim of the things that you shouldn’t be a victim to.
But let me tell you that it won’t bring you anything.
Like I said, do whatever it is that you want to do, be it writing books, professional writer, make YouTube videos along with your own channel, go on.

Now you know exactly why I asked you this one goddamn question:

What do you want to do ?

Love, you still have too many years ahead to find where you are supposed to be going, and you still have too many years ahead to figure out what you want to do.
So, maybe stay lost for a while longer, embrace the feeling, embrace what it feels like to walk and unsteady path towards what you truly desire.
And know that one day, you will look back at this journey, and you will remember that you were once being 23 and so confused about things.
You will remember being 23 and completely terrified.

But most importantly, you will remember how being lost finally brought you to the place you really wanted to be, that it finally brought you to yourself.







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