Sonnet 18.

Madness, lunacy, call it what you must,
But I’ll still sit and watch you all night long;
Call it devotion, but do not say lust,
And you’ll wake to birds chirping our love song.
Turn over to me with smile on your face,
And nuzzle your nose at nape of my neck,
For your every movement that’s full of grace,
Made me melt into weak and helpless wreck!
Put your small lovely fingers on my lips;
I’ll hold in laughter as you kiss my nose,
And I’ll lean close and take hold of your hips;
But oh! That is not as far as it goes!
            For I want you here away from the world:
            Our souls, tangled, yet graciously unfurled!




You’ve became the occupant of my mind,
The occupant in my mind,
And the tranquility in my soul.
Yes, I do crave to feel your presence,
I do long to be just by your side,
Just me, and you, two of us– as we should be.


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