Dear Love,

I miss you.
And it’s not like I miss your face, arms, or lips.
it’s your presence that always reminds me of home.
And I swear I lost that when you left on that fateful day.
I just.. Never felt so homeless and alone.

I miss our texts, conversations, and all.
I’ll have you know that it took me three hours, all my sobriety, and being in a completely intoxicated state for me to be able to muster these longing words.
People could say anything that they want, but I swear that this whiskey tastes like you, and this empty glasses like our love, and there is nothing left to do but to fill them with another whiskey.
Anything, just anything that could fill and satisfy my thirst for you and your whole soul and its love.

I miss you.
And I might be afraid to say it.
But not here, not with all these words.
Not while these magics lit my madness– in being so crazy, driven head over heels for you.
No, these magics show me that there is an appeal to throwing yourself without feat into pursuit of what you want.

There is pain, yes, of course, there is pain when no one actually understands me– and maybe, no one possibly can.
But I believe there is a beauty in loving recklessly, wholly, and openly– that being brave about it opens up my life.
And most importantly, being brave opens up my heart.

Let me tell you, Love,
Openly loving you– you that lights up my eyes– is not crazy.

It is the bravest thing that I could do right now.




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