Sometimes missing you feels like a glimpse of light in a dark room.
It’s powerful, but the brightness could be blinding.

Sometimes, the darkness does not even exist–
Sometimes, the thought of you fill my heart and mind,
That it’s you, and only you– are all that I could see.

Sometimes, I found myself surrounded by another lights.
All in different colors: blue, red, green, yellow, pink–
Yet, all they could do is just putting me on spotlight,
Temporary fame– temporary feelings.
Lights that would go out anytime they want to.

Sometimes, I sit down, musing, looking at the light.
Do so, and the crowd around me disappear.
I don’t have to tell them that I am okay.
I don’t have to tell the world that I miss you,
Because I know that I am.

Because, all I know, that light of yours,

Is just seems so real to me more than anything.




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