She was born with her eyes wide open–
With passion and kindness.
She found beauty in everything that she saw.
Every person she met, she noticed the dimples in their smile,
And the creases in their eyes.

As fragile as the petals of a flower,
She was gorgeous, and radiant,
Standing in the sun with her arms wide open.

I always knew that her love was from different age,
And that she, and I, would always love deep to the core;
That in this lifetime, she and I would lose and find our souls,
Time, and time again.

Right now, she might live in a world without maps,
With only words to give her direction and sense of reason.
A world far from absoluteness and sensibility,
Where she found beauty in silence,
Just like the quiet pause between two pages in a book.

A world where she allowed herself to be disassembled, and left hollow.
With only the dawn of a new day to bring with it the hopeful promise,
That she, would be reborn once again.

Because we – both of us – survived together.
Two flowers in a hurricane, Seeking beauty in one another.

And she, will be given another chance
To taste our love and all its riches–
To let it swim through her veins,
Like a steady flowing river,
Carrying her out into a wide open ocean.

Where she would lay beneath the stars–
Beneath the veil of the galaxy,
Our souls, unite, together,

Forever deep,
Forever whole,
Forever lost.

Forever found in love.



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