07-08-2016. [2]


This is why I wanted her to watch Interstellar.

To at least understand the sentiment about love.
Okay, people could argue that it was just Nolan’s sly trick.
A trick to draw people to watch his movie.
But no, I don’t really think so.
Even if I have to look from scientific point of view,
I would say that, love is.. Powerful.
It’s something more than the cheesiness people usually feel.


Two hours ago, my friend suddenly gave me a quote from Interstellar.
He re-watched the movie, and gave me the discussion part about love.
Yes, this will contain some slight spoilers.
But I don’t think any of you will object.
Just because this scene is – arguably – ignored by most viewers.
And by ignored, I mean people do not usually discuss about it.
So, the scene:

Cooper: She’s in love with Wolf Edmunds.
Romilly: Is that true?
Brand: Yes. And that makes me want to follow my heart. But maybe we’ve spent too long trying to figure all this out with theory.
Cooper: You’re a scientist, Brand.
Brand: So listen to me when I say love isn’t something that we invented. It’s observable. Powerful. It has to mean something.
Cooper: Love has meaning, yes. Social utility, social bonding, child rearing…
Brand: We love people who have died. Where’s the social utility in that?
Cooper: None.
Brand: Maybe it means something more – something we can’t yet understand. Maybe it’s some evidence, some artifact of a higher dimension that we can’t consciously perceive. I’m drawn across the universe to someone I haven’t seen in a decade who I know is probably dead. Love is the one thing that we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can’t understand it. All right Cooper. Yes, the tiniest possibility of seeing Wolf again excites me. That doesn’t mean I’m wrong.
Cooper: Honestly, Amelia, it might.

Okay, the more complete context of that scene.
Cooper and Brand have to choose between two planets, and one of them might be the right planet that is actually similar to Earth.
Two scientist went to each planet before them, but only one of them gave back signal to indicate that the planet was actually good and able to sustain life.
Amelia Brand, one of the astronaut, wasn’t agree with the signal.
She wanted to go to the another planet, because a man that she actually loves, named Wolf Edmunds, went to the certain planet– the one that didn’t give signal.
What’s more, they weren’t sure if the man on the planet is even alive.
Cooper thought she was mad, and acted emotionally, that was why Cooper remarked Brand about her being a scientist in that certain scene.

Now, I agree that the scene about her explaining love was kind of forced.
She was actually trying to explain love as something scientific, and therefore, Brand chose love (because its scientific).
And yes, I know it was kind of cheesy.
Another slight spoiler, in later time in the movie, Cooper was actually went inside a Tesseract, some kind of cube inside a cube, that act as a container and projector for 5th Dimensional world created by humans from the future or something like that.
It was made by some being so Cooper could understand 5th Dimension in 3th Dimension.
Let me explain something first.
We know what 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dimension is, and 4th Dimension is time.
So what is 5th Dimension?
Since time here is the lower dimension in the 5th Dimension, means that, time is actually spanned out here, meaning there is no concept of past, present, or future.
And we could see all of time all at once.
But how do we manage to do that ?

In the movie, when Cooper navigates through Tesseract, he navigated himself and found her daughter, he was able to see (literally) the scene on the inside cube of the Tesseract, where he and her daughter talked for the last time.
That made me thinking, is 5th Dimension actually a gravity?
Okay, we know that time is spanned in the 5th Dimension, and to navigate it, as Cooper navigated himself through his daughter, we can use one omniscient force:


The force that drove Cooper was his love to his daughter.
As the scene above put, love transcends time.
That makes sense, since we love people that are dead– that is in the past,
And we love people that we haven’t seen for quite some time that, in that scene is Wolf Edmunds, might be already dead– that is the future concept.
And we love despite the fact that doing so, loving people like that, past and the future, provides us with no social utility.
So, if love really is in the 5th Dimensional world, which is somehow we could put is as Gravity, then maybe it does makes sense why Cooper was navigating himself through time in the Tesseract to his daughter because of love.
And, looking at Brand that wanted to go to that certain planet, it’s possible that she wanted to go there because her love to that certain man actually attracted her.

Now, if we assume that Cooper’s love for his daughter is a true love, because it’s the kind of love that parents have with their children and vice versa, and it attracted Cooper to his daughter in the Tesseract,
We could also assume that Brand’s love was also a true love since it attracted her to the right planet– since it gave her hunch that the planet was actually good.

Let’s look from another point of view, Cooper’s point of view.
Some of us humans have a really bad point of view towards love.
Maybe she does too after all that happened to her, I don’t really know.
But, the thing about Cooper in that scene above, is that Brand could be so, so wrong, because she acted based on her love and her love only to determine which planet was good and actually could gave them chance to survive.
The implication here is that, in daily life, some people would think that love is stupid, that it makes people abandon all logic and go forward in the name of love.
I’ve known some people that actually think that way.

So, what is love, actually?
I don’t really know myself, if you ask me, I would answer that love is her.
Yet, I agree that love is something that transcends time.
Love is the drive for many things that we humans do.
I took all my thoughts above as love is the most powerful force.
Maybe even so than the gravity, than the 5th Dimension.
And maybe, love is not even a dimension, it is something else.
Maybe it’s a thing that able to transcends not only time, but the dimensions of space and time (since time is a dimension– 4th Dimension).
Now don’t confuse the love that I have and I’ve explained since months and months ago with sex and reproduction shits, no.
Love here is something else, something that we do not actually understand.
All I know, this love here that I have for her, is something related to soul, something that could be described as soul perceiving.

That’s why I believe since long, long time ago that love is a soul recognition.
Love is perceiving someone else’s soul is an important part of my soul.
Call me cheesy, but for me, her soul and mine, have recognized each other.

Honestly, it was very interesting for me to think something about love.
Call me sappy, call me sentimental, but I do think love is powerful.
Maybe it is even stronger (driving force) than logic.

And I guess that explains why I’m having her as my dream, and as one of the reason why all my writings are related to her– to Love.


Dear Love,

I’m sorry that my imagination runs wild at time like this.
You understand how random I could be at times, especially when a certain topic is very thought-provoking and so interesting to talk about for me.
At times like that, it would be hard to stop me to talk about the topic.
In any case, I know that you do not like to sit down and watch movie.
But, let me tell you that you won’t spend your time for more than two hours for nothing, that there’s a reason your lecturer and me recommended that movie for you.

Now, what is love, actually?
I’ve said to numerous people that love is something really, really abstract.
It’s just so.. Amorphous, so vague, and remains a mystery.
Yet, I would somewhat agree with what Interstellar presented to me, until the day I find another compelling theory related to how powerful and amazing love is.

Because, think about the concept of love transcending through space and time.
If I see my love and span it on top of the time, I will see that I have loved you since years ago, and even though we haven’t met since that day and haven’t talked much, I do still love you and know that I will still love you.
Screw past, present, and future, I’m not going to attach this love to time.
All I know right now, is the fact that I love you, and that’s that.

About love being a force, just like gravity, might actually be true.
Want an example? Simply look at both of us.
How many times did we drift away, apart from each other, only to – realize it or not – eventually find each other again?
What if, both of us are actually attracted to each other, not because of The Universe, but actually pulled by a single force called love?
Or maybe, maybe I could say that it is The Universe that do things for us.
But, since you are actually The Universe for me– since you are my Universe, and at the same time, the very person that I love so dearly, then I also could say that I am attracted to you, which means, in conclusion: I am attracted to Love– our Love, that does exist between The Universe that I am also attracted to.
And, since you, are also experiencing the same thing, I could say that, without you realizing it, you are also attracted to this one certain force called our Love.
Confusing and cheesy, perhaps, but when you think of it, it is also mind-boggling, because it would meant that the concept of love being a force is also true.

Because I, right now, are driven by this force called love to you.
Perhaps that is why you, Love, as you know it, are my muse.
The very definition of love that I wrote in every post that I’ve made.
You’ve changed that definition since years and years ago.

In fact, I let you changed it for me– I let you changed my life.

You inspires me, you inspires every art into me, and what is life into me.
You knot feelings into my bones, and at the same time opened my eyes, and made me see the world differently, that my world is more beautiful with you in it.
You – and I believe I did it to you, too – made me believe that in the very pit of my soul, that I have discovered something so rare and so beautiful.

And so, I will love you, and I will love you well.
Know that I will love you on the days your laughter meets your eyes, and I will love you just as much when it does not.
I will love you on the days you are made of light, and I will love you just as much when the world feels like a load you have to carry upon your shoulders.
I will love you through your healing, and I will love you through your hurt.
I will love you through your peace, and I will love you through your pain.
I will love you when you love yourself, and I will love you when you do not.

Because I refuse to love you in halves.
Or rather, I just don’t know how to love in fractions.

So, Love, show me where you thrive, and I will love you there.
Show me where you break, and I will love you there.
Show me where you hope, and I will love you there.
Show me where you doubt, and I will love you there.
Show me where you hide, and I will love you there.
Show me yourself– all of you.

Show me your open heart, and even though it’s flayed and beating,
Even though it’s in its decay and in its growth, I will love it.

I promise you, I will love it.







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