Dear Love,

You, are, quite literally, engrained in me.
I honestly don’t quite remember on how we met, was it a simple hi? Or was it more than that? All I know, when I met you, instantaneously, it was like magic.
We just got each other– we were rapid fire conversations.
There were no awkward moments, we automatically went together, hand in hand.
In short, we just made sense.
And, honestly?

We still make sense.

You are one of the few people who I have ever met, who just gets me, that I could talk about mostly everything, which I believe, you feel the same, too.
You are the one who doesn’t feel like a best friend.
But you, are feeling more like a fingerprint.
You are just a part of me.
And Love, here’s the thing:

I know things are kind of weird right now.

I know that you are figuring things out.
I know that you, are deciding what you want to do, and who you want to be.
And I know you are finding what feels right for you right now.
With you constantly said to me that you do not have much time, it was like you literally said to me that you are looking at that plans of yours that you have, and probably trying not to be intimidated with what you’re planning for yourself.
But, well, you maybe also are not totally in love with those plans.
Especially with things that happened with you recently.
I know that you’re in the middle of the heat, from the events, and from the weather (oh the weather’s awful) that is beating you down.
And maybe you don’t want to be swallowed by the impeding fires, but I also know that you are trying not to run– you are trying to walk it off.

What I’m saying is: I get it, I know you’re going through it.

After all this time, I get a lot of things about us.
Here’s one: I get that we’re the same and different at the same time.
Both of us are both more feeling, and more art, and both of us spread the same kindness to people around us, although you, are way better at it.
But when it comes to things, I know that I’m more laid-back and sleep it off, and you, are more stubborn in handling things.
Love, I’ve known that since years ago.
And personally, that’s fine.

Because I think, I really think, that’s what makes us work.
I think – like a said – what makes us work is that while we are so automatically understood, while we are so similar, we are also so different.
If we’d attempted to be twins, one of us would have tried to absorb the other.
Love, we were not meant to be mirror images, but instead, we are meant to be strangely opposite but also very alike.
Weird, and also strange, but it happens for us.

But I want you to know, no matter what you do or where you go:
I’m going to be here, and I’m also going to be there for you.
Maybe I’ll be next to you, and trying to learn the language in whatever country we have settled, laughing at each other’s (mostly yours) stupid accents.
Or maybe our moment would be over the computer screens, through text, and abbreviations, and mics, and cams, and the laughs, and whatever.
Let me tell you that whatever the maybe, whatever it is, I’m going to be here, and I am also going to be there for you.
Because, Love, call me cheesy, but I am going to say it:

We only get few forevers in this life, but you are absolutely one of mine.

So know that no matter what, I’m here, and I’m there for you.
No matter the decision, the choice, the city, the social media, the words, the sentences, the opinion, the hair and the color, the walking distance, the time between the texts, the stories we share, and the difference between now or whenever.
I’m going to be here, and I’m also going to be there for you.
You, are, quite literally, engrained in me.

And that, Love– my sun– my stars– my moon– my universe– means that we, both of us, are in it together, and we are going to win it together.

No matter what.







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