Dear Love,

I’ll have you know that today, is a very special day. It marks the day that the world changed forever. It marked the start of an era, when an inspired mess reaches out to the world, and leaves a lasting imprint of every life that she touches. Now, I’m not sure if you dreamt of encouraging and showing what true love really is to me, or showing how inspiring, kind, and understanding someone could be, but that’s exactly what you’ve done. Your warmth, kindness, courage, and openness shine through every single thing that you do, every single thing that you plan, for your family, for me, and for the people around you.

If I am allowed to try and describe you with love, well, eventhough you are a simple – and physically little – girl, you actually are too complex to define. You are something that very, very, very few would know how to love. It would take an extraordinary soul to truly embrace your being– you with all the beautiful tragedy happened inside you. To be loved by many is a superficial pleasure, but to be loved by just one, for the true essence of your being, will warm your heart and content your spirit. Know that whenever I wrote – or say – I love you, means that I love for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you are yet to be, even your dark sides. For I know that you are so much more than what meets my sight, and so much more than just a mere skin-deep love desires. No. I will love you with a love so profound, that it crawls beneath your skin, and buries itself within the cage of your bones– a love that becomes a part of your being, and cherishes you entirely. Know that I would pick your thunder, and I would pick your rain, over anyone’s sunshine any day.

As for today, and the days after, everyday, is a new day– it always is. Be sure to remind yourself, that it is okay to be different from yesterday, or not quite ready for tomorrow. Sometimes we take a step back, regress, and other times, we grow– we make an ultimate decision that will have an impact in our life– that let us grow more in one day than we have in an entire year. Love, I’ll have you know that life is full of change, but also balance. For even the moon has its phases, so why cannot we? Why cannot you? Maybe you and I are still learning, maybe there are days when we forget how to love ourselves– times that we gave in to negativity and allow doubt to overshadow our dreams. Maybe at those days, we are guilty of speaking unkindly to our heart and mind, we hide our face beneath our own false masks, and trying to change the truths of our heart. But we could always forgive ourselves, and that is what makes it okay. Always remember, we, are still learning, we make mistakes. And that, is what makes us human.

For we will feel emotions because of other people. We will feel disappointed, sadness, or even discomfort. But we will also feel alive, exuberant, and most importantly, again, human. Sometimes we will fuck things up and make mistakes. Sometimes, we are going to fall down, we are going to be misunderstood, we are going to get tattered, and we are going to get tired. But we are also going to realize that it is okay to fall. We will be telling ourselves to rest on days we lack motivation, feel the ugliest, or have the smallest of hope, but we are going to acknowledge that giving up won’t be our best option. We might be going to lose ourselves in the process, but we are also going to find ourselves there. We are going to create something for ourselves. We might tear ourselves into pieces pursuing after what we want, but we will learn to love ourselves for it. Not to say that, for you, there’s me, that is more than willing to remind you over, and over again about the things that you might have forgotten. And Love, I do think that all the things I’ve mentioned about you, will be the best damn thing ever. Nothing makes me smile the most right now other than the thought of you, finding yourself, and finding the right place where you can do the things that you really, really, love without anyone twisting their fingers and manipulate you.

Love, I know that I won’t be the first one that is going to say “happy birthday” to you. But I’ll take comfort in knowing that I’m the first one that’s writing (what is supposed to be) a letter, originally written in hand, just to wish you a Happy Birthday, and, along with it, a better 365 days ahead of you. Why 365 and not for the rest of your life? Someone said to me that excessively doing things is bad. This letter might not be the case, but there’s nothing wrong in being cautious, now is there? But, I promise you that I will wish you the very same – if not better – wishes 365 days from now! So, Love, let’s smile. Make a wish. Let’s cherish this day, and the days after. We still got a long, long way ahead of us. I know that it is foolish to think that we still have a lot of time, but it is also foolish to think that we do not have time to do things that we love and make us happy. Let us– especially you here– dream on, and strive on. For I have seen the beauty of your heart and soul in that state you call incomplete, and can’t wait to see how perfect you could be; for in you, I see endless possibilities. And I hope through my eyes, you will see yourself the same way: as someone who matters– as someone who can make a difference in this world!

Because the world– especially my world– is a WAY brighter place with you in it.


Happy Birthday, Love.


Hugs and Kisses,



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