.. And I still look for you every single night,
Between the bright moon and the city lights.
Scouring through shadows, covered in darkness,
Thoughts flow– fading away into nothingness.

For in your absence– the instrument of my woe,
I shiver– I tremble, out of despair and sorrow;
With desolate stillness between my days and hours,
I crave– I ache, for sunshines and flowers.

Without you, every spring is an icy, bleak winter.






People say absence only sharpens love.
Oh it might make my heart go insane sometimes,
But know that this love is not an plain, ordinary, love.
If it was, it would’ve gone since long, long time ago.
For absence diminishes mediocre passions,
And increases the great ones,
As the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires.


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