You might have rough edges where others are polished,
Thorns in places I am told should only bear flowers,
And cracks that could break apart at anytime.

Oh, loving you is certainly not for the faint of heart.

But you DO understand how I love you.
You do know that I’m going to love you for all that you are,
And I’m going to take you, as you are.

So unload your mind on me.
Whenever you have problems, or anything–
Every single thing that you might need to sort out.
Know that you, are safe enough here.
And know that I will hold all the pieces that you bring to me.

And I will help you in setting them back together.

Because Love, you are the artist of your existence.
So let us color the canvas of your destiny,
And let us mold the shape of your reality.

Love, never forget that above all else,
Your life is a masterpiece of your own creating.

In the room full of paintings,
You, will be the only miraculous masterpiece
That I can’t stop staring at.

You, are a work of art.
With your life as a poetry,
And you, as the most beautiful poem.

So hold your head up high,
Know that your beauty isn’t define by the mistakes you made,
And it is not the one that smacks you across the face–
The one that is plastered on magazine covers.

And know that everything- every bad thing people say about you,
Are actually the real definition of their own foolish self.
Remember: the way they use their words speaks volumes about them.

Let those illiterates say whatever shits they want to say.





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