I know loving is not easy– it definitely is not.
Everyone could say they love someone.
They have their rights to speak,
And they have their rights to craft words out of their mouth.
Love is cheap– oh it’s very, very cheap.

But only if it comes in form of a word.


Not everyone could put love into action.
Not everyone – and most people don’t – could love.
Oh they could do everything in the name of love.
They could do whatever they like and get away with it afterwards.
They could do abusive things to the people that they ‘love’.
And they would justify their actions by saying words of love.
They would say something like: “Oh I’m sorry, but I still love you.”
No. I beg for something different from that goddamn crap.

It’s not love.
It’s a fucking cruel way of manipulating someone.
And sadly, it happens every single day.
More people need to know that abusive behavior is not acceptable.
That they need to understand not to tolerate them in the name of love.
Because love – again – is NOT manipulative.
In fact, love comes when manipulation stops.
Love comes when you think about other person more than yourself.
Love comes when you dare to reveal yourself and be vulnerable.
And I do NOT see in any way how abusive things could be called love.

Love is not abusive.
Now I really want to punch a certain someone in his face.
I want to punch him and tell him that what he did was not love.
I want to punch him and tell him that he’s better off dead.

Because abusive behavior should not be tolerated.
Why does a man even doing abusive things to woman that he “loves” is beyond me.
No, his arms should not be used for those kinds of things.
It should be used to remind his woman of her home.
Now I don’t know about him.
And I just don’t know about other people.
But all I know is this:

I just want to be the one whose arms she runs to.
Whether she has the reason to rejoice, or cause to collapse.

I just want to hold her tight and remind her of her home.


Dear Love,

There’s a difference between accepting someone’s imperfection,
And tolerating someone’s abusive behavior in the name of love.
Let me put the former like this:
When you become a whirlwind of a person,
When you turned into a mess of bad moods,
And when you turned into a mess of even worse ideas,

Know that I will move in slowly, and I will wrap each of my arms around you.
So in an instant, you, will feel loved and understood.
So when you are blind of all else, you will see the way through me.

So I will be the rhythm to your chaos.

I just want you to rest easy, to breathe a sigh of relief in my arms.
I want to be able to carry in you– or even us, the comfort of knowing that every misery and challenge and difficult choice we ever made was simply a point on a map to each other.
Because, love, I know that it will not always be easy.
Only the most foolish fools think that kind of thoughts.
Now, ask me then why do I love you even though I knew since long, long, long, long, long time ago that it definitely won’t be easy.

I love you not because I think it will always be easy.
But because, with you, I know that even on the dreadful, wretched, luckless days-
When the troubles of the world are falling– downpours as thick, clamouring, and beating rain, I will be close to you.
I will kiss you, until you forget how terrified you are of everything that went wrong and could go wrong in your life– all of them.
Oh I will laugh, and take your hand.
And I will whisper to you, slowly, delightfully, beneath the rain:

“Come, Love. Dance with me.”







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