Love, I swear I think I knew you
Even before knowing you.
And if you dared ask me,
You would know I’m a bit out of my mind.

But I’ve known you.

I have known what it is like
To wander aimlessly searching for love
In places it never bloomed.

I have known heartache
The way you’ve known misery.

I have known misery
The way we never knew intimacy.

And I never knew love
Until you came along.

Love, now that I know you,
I just can’t imagine how could I ever not.
And even though now we aren’t even talking,
Even though we don’t know about each other,
(Well, if you read my posts then you do)

But I believe that you, are on your way.
You are on your way to find yourself.

Then go.
Find yourself.
Even if you have to scour every cave,
And every crevice of this Earth.

And when you get back,
Know that I’ll be here with open ears,
I’ll be here with open arms,
Ready to hold you tight,
And ready to hear about the treasures you found.

Because I’ve seen you
In this state you call incomplete.
And if that is true,

Then I can’t wait to see you whole.


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