Dear Love,

Interesting conversation happened today.
Me and two people you knew – let’s name them Zeus and Hermes (and I hope you know which is which) – were having a conversation about love today.
I’m not going to write the full conversation here like I usually do.
Instead, I’ll summarize them for you (you’re welcome).
We actually described on how we are going to love someone.

Hermes, being Hermes, stated that he’ll love someone completely.
He’ll go through things just to be able to be with someone that he loves.
Admirable, praiseworthy, but also naive as hell.

Zeus, being Zeus, stated that he won’t easily let someone in.
When he loves someone, he’ll set no limit in loving someone.
He, just like Hermes, will love someone completely without doubt.
But he will only let his love grow if he feels committed to someone.
And before he’s faced with marriage-like situation in which he will need full commitment, he won’t let his love grow easily.
Understandable, and also commendable, but also cynical as hell.

I could understand both of them.

Zeus, with his trust issues and cynicism, related from his experience past that you, and I understand quite well, will of course without doubt – as you can see above – reflect those problems of his in his way of loving someone.
It’s as if he have circles (or levels) to grade people’s trustworthiness.
And he will determine people’s level based on what he perceive, and will assign them to their appropriate circles as he sees fit.
And he, on his innermost circle, will put his life on the line to love someone without any given limit.

Hermes, with his amount of skepticism, will of course hold something that he believes and/or what he found so dear to him, close to his chest, and he’ll hold it as tight as he can until the thing changed into something different than what he actually perceive.

Now, if you ask me, what about me?
I’ll answer it with.. I don’t really know.
Love, honestly, I don’t really understand myself.
Love is something abstract.
And we all have our own way of loving someone.
Maybe, maybe you could say that I am combined from both Zeus and Hermes.

Because, Love, I do have my own circles just like Zeus.
And I will put my life in line to love someone without any given limit.
But as you know very, I’m not even close to being a cynic.
Yes, I’m an optimistic person like what you’ve known since years and years ago.
And just like Hermes, I will hold something that I find so dear to me.
But I’d daresay that I am not naive.
No, I will still examine closely things that are close to my chest.
Unlike Hermes that will naively hold on to things that has gracefully passed his skepticism barrier without looking at its value closely.

Oh, now, what the hell am I saying ?

Love, maybe you don’t understand how I love you like I do.
But, love, the hell of it is that I don’t understand it either.
And I’d say that’s a good thing.
I’ve said it countless times that love is something abstract.
And, well, understanding usually comes from logic.

But true love has always been a thing the heart understands.

All I know, that this is, a one true love.
This is the love that grows like flowers between the concrete cracks.
It’s neglected, trampled, and left to die.
Yet it still grows and blooms.
This is the love in concrete prisons.
A kind of love that never fails to face toward the light.

That never fails to face toward hope,
That never fails to see that rising sun will bring something better.

Yes, it hurts when my heart was broken to pieces.
It hurts beyond compare, when my heart was thoroughly burned.
Maybe everything that happened to us hurts as hell.
But all I know – all I know is that growing, is natural.
We don’t tell flowers to stop blooming,
We don’t tell trees to stop growing its branches,
And we don’t tell them to stop growing their roots further deep to the ground.

Just like the love that I have for you.
I don’t tell it to stop growing,
And I don’t tell it to stop putting its roots deep inside my soul.

Because growing, is natural.

And it is only natural for me to have grown to love you so.







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