Sonnet 16.

I won’t disclose this love under spotlights,
For I have learned to love you in silence:
To speak love’s truest truth into the night,
With only the stars as my audience;
And with both our souls tightly connected
Between the cosmos and the silver moon,
And with our mark, white on the blue, painted
Among the vast skies and the sun at noon.
Do pull the strings of my heart through and through!
For every pulse that beats inside of me
Is everlastingly throbbing for you;
It always has been, and always will be.
            Let my love’s silence catch you word by word,
            Escaped as whisper your heart only heard.




I don’t need grand declaration of love
And I don’t need flashy show up on the world’s stage.
Let my words secretly stir the ocean within your heart,
Surrender your soul to this wave – love’s wave.
Let them make you feel emotions and get your blood racing.
Let them do it silently, among the quietness of midnight.
Let me love you in silence.
Oh I could scream all my words, my thoughts, and my poems,
I could write our names and describe my love for you to everyone.

But right now, for me,
Loving out loud is just so goddamn overrated.


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