Like someone said, the most dangerous question about love will always be this:

“Would they still love you the same way if they knew about the darkest corners of your head and the wars you fight every night with terrible monsters that live within you instead of under your bed?”

A question that everyone would ask their lovers. A question that test the bond of their heart with their lovers. A question that would change the meaning of love for them.

Yet, for me, its an unnecessary question. Why would I question that to the most beautiful person I’ve ever met? For someone that deserve more than anything in this world? Someone beyond compare? Someone that’s just so damn brave?

She’s the girl whose name dies at my lips every single time I try to speak of her. She’s not a girl I would tell everyone about. She’s my addiction, my obsession, my muse, and my very definition of love. She’s not just a mere cup of tea for me. She’s my absinthe.

It was a question that she does not need. A question that deserves no answer. For she has all the answer that she needs. No, she’s the goddamn answer. And if anyone’s too stupid to interpret the meaning of it, it’s a yes.

I don’t care if I’m just repeating things that I’ve said about her. It was a yes, still a yes, and would always be a yes. Yes, yes, and yes. Billions of times yes. I’ll still love her.




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