Sonnet 15.

Oh lately I’ve been helpless catching breath;
It is the absence of you in my life,
That caused part of my soul suffered great death:
A struggle that feels like an endless strife.
I long the simple sound of your dear voice,
How you whispered to my ear beside me
The words of how I am your only choice;
How united in love we’ll always be.
Do light my soul, and fill me with your grace,
Shine your perfection, calm my fretting heart,
And make it glow! Make my loving heart race!
Just as you have always done from the start.
            Know that I’m yours until the end of time,
            For our love will be forever sublime.




There will always be a feeling for you
That is just so unexplainable.
One that needs no reason,
Because the love I have for you
Is just because it is.
For since the very first time I saw you,
I finally know what true love is.


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