Sonnet 14.

Perhaps the things that finally break you
Are just the wicked words caught in your throat,
For you have years of thoughts not uttered through,
Crammed in the pockets of your hidden coat.
It’s clearly not a proof of being weak
To keep all of your words within your hand,
For when the others listen and then speak,
You listen just so you could understand.
And surely it is strength when things unsaid
Fill the whole room up to the highest brim;
For you’re the only one that went ahead,
Who has fully taught your own self to swim.
            Just let them fill their words with foolishness,
            For silence is not a sign of weakness.




Let them say whatever it is that they want to say,
And let them throw whatever it is that they have to you.
Because those things are only carried by haters,
Spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.
Remember this, Love:
No one has ever made themselves great
By showing how small someone else is.

Strive on.


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