We loved each other.

Even if someday, the entire world tell us not to.

I remember the first time I locked my arms with you,
After realizing that the distance between us was just too much.

I remember the way some people told me and you
That we needed to set our distance apart.
That we needed to extinguish our flames together.
Yet, they could NOT put us out; No.

I remember the first time I put my mouth on yours,
And the way we both kissed each other,
Like we were starving for love,
And oh, we were – we definitely were.

Love, I want to tell you that it will always be easy,
But that, would be a lie.
Because I know that sometimes love is not enough.

Believe me, I have been told that my entire life.

But what nobody ever dares to mention is that sometimes, it is.
Sometimes, love is enough.
Sometimes you can’t give up on a person,
Because, deep inside, you know that they love you too.

Maybe it’s true that sometimes
Holding on does more damage than letting go.

But sometimes, it does not.

We loved each other.

Love, let me tell you that sometimes holding on is worth it.
You, are worth every minute, and every second of my life.
Because it always been you,

And it will always be you.




One comment

  1. Vivek Upadhayay · June 4, 2016

    True love calling…!!!expressing love in a beautiful verse… nice

    Liked by 1 person

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