We like to think our suffering is all our own,
That there is no one who can understand
The pain that we are going through.

We often pretend that we want comfort,
But when someone offers it, we push it aside,
Saying that our pain is like no other,
Saying that surely they can not be of any help.

Oh maybe our suffering is unique,
But when it comes down to it,
We have all suffered in some way.
So why can’t we accept that we are all human?
That we all hurt sometimes.

That we, me and you, Love, are not alone.

For when the seas are rough,
And the storm is too much,
I’ll be your port of call.

When things are severe, there is nothing to fear,
Because I’ll be by your side through it all.

Love, it’s in the darkest hour we can learn so much,
Take not for granted what we touch.
So come, Love, weather this storm,
Stand firmly, and push your way towards me.

And I’ll be there for you, in the port, at dawn.




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