Sonnet 13.

I’m daydreaming of how you now may look,
For everything’s getting closer to view:
Our union, destined, and not down to luck,
With my love’s compass straightly points to you.
Carve me a hole, and nestle me your words,
Go back to this place, where your heart belongs,
And search for me, don’t get crushed by the herd,
Hear the whisper in my love-fuelled songs.
And so, tonight, as you gaze at the moon,
With crystal clear constellations above,
Do synchronize your piece back to my tune,
For I’m dying without your hymns of love.
            Oh I know when you breathe into my soul,
            Our jigsaw will be permanently whole.




Each day is getting more and more painful,
And I find it harder and harder to breathe.
I just need you here right now; here forever, and do not ever leave.
And later, As the dawn rises reluctantly, bleeding light into the day,
I’ll close my eyes, and pray to God for you to come to me,
And finally put your head upon my chest.

Oh how I really wish that today will be the day.



  1. Vivek Upadhayay · June 2, 2016

    Beautiful poem…!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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