The details of anything you love
Are always what is most thrilling,
Most poignant,
And most beautiful.

I love her as she rose from bed,
And then fell back against it again,
And all she did in-between.

When you love someone, you accept them,
You become them in a way,
And all they do forms into you.

Their mannerisms turn into truth-
In the way she holds her mug,
The way she laughs,
The way she smells,
The way her lips curl after certain words.

All of the simple things suddenly become gigantic things,
And light up the world before you like fire across the clouds.

What a breathtaking display:
The way the Earth begins to dissolve in your periphery,
And a human being replaces it.

No matter what they tell me,
And no matter what they tell her,

She is my universe.
And she is truly, madly, and deeply loved.

Oh, anything less than that is not love at all.


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