Have you noticed how people only love the ocean when the sun is out?

Once the darkness settles and the breeze kicks in,
No one wants to swim among its waves.

And I hope, I have never made you like that.
As if you are only admirable in light,
As if your darkness wasn’t worth exploring.

Because it is when the sun sets that I sit on the shore,
And stare at the ocean in awe.
It is when you, are engulfed in darkness,
That I will still stay, and hold your hands no matter what happens.

Because those days when you don’t feel so good,
Those days when you’re down and your smile is far,
Remember that it is those days
That I love you most of all.

And I will love you, forever, like the night holds the moon:

I’ll be the sky,
And you’ll be the stars.


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