Your mind is too beautiful
To be filled with thoughts of doubt and fear.

You have gone through too much
To think that things won’t turn around again.
You have experienced so many ups and downs,
That it would be foolish to believe
That heartache is all there is.

Love, you are too strong to hang your head;
Too wonderful of a person to let negativity consume you;
Too admirable to let it drag you down.

I wish I could tell you that the world will always be pure and true.
That things will always make sense every single time.
That love – our love – will win.

But things do NOT always happen that way.

Yet, even though that time has came,
I still fight, and fight, and fight.
And maybe we are fighting individually right now,
But I know that you, are still fighting.

You are still fighting through the pain,
Fighting through the sorrow.
Let those negative thoughts spill out of your mind,
And as far away from you as they can,
Because your mind is too divine to be filled with those kind of hurts.
Your heart is too soft to ever harden.

Love, I can’t promise you that things will always stay better.
But I can promise you that they will get better.

And believe me, that is more than enough to have faith in.


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