Sonnet 12.

My lady sunrise, of the purple bloom,
Brings heaven in my heart, dream in my head;
Queen of my castle, my love you consume!
I’m your pilgrim, you turn my limbs to lead.
My lady daytime, of the ocean blue,
Your unmatched beauty gives hope in my breast;
Oh tantalize me! Take my heart with you!
Without you it does not beat in my chest.
My lady sunset, of the orange skies,
Your brimming chalice gently overflows:
Those pools of violet – the warmest dyes –
That set my soul aflame with gold and rose.
            My lady nightfall, of the dusk unfold,
            Embrace my soul, give me your stars to hold.




You, are combined from different forms of beauty.
Just like the sunset during summer,
Like the stars that light up the night sky,
Or even the blooming flowers at spring.
Maybe you’re a mess; oh, we’re all a mess.
But it’s about how you keep your beauty together
That makes you truly beautiful.


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