Can you feel the winter,
Stretching its arms from here to there?
With both of us standing apart from each other,
Our innocence, white, like all the snowflakes in our hair.

Wearing your scarf like a badge of honor,
Cold is not an intermission anymore for you,
It is the all of everything.
As though a tragedy, it is all that we are;
Nothing more, and nothing less.

And each day feels like forever, rolled with snow inside our hands.

Yet, we can’t learn to thaw
Without first learn the sting of frozen teardrops.

For how could I carve the intricate spaces to house the richness of joy,
To adorn them with words, or to paint them with thousands of colors,
If my heart had not been hallowed by ache?

And if my longest night had not been filled with longing,
That which we paint bitter, but know to be sweet,
That teach me the truth of the endless love inside my soul,
Would I invite and embody love with such fervor?

I think not.

Nothing lasts forever, not even the coldest winter.
And later, our heartbeats will race to greet the spring.
Together, hand in hand,

Entwined in each other’s heart and soul.




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