06-06-2016. [2]

“Why her smile? Out of all 7 billion people, why it’s your most favourite thing to see? You yourself understand that it’s a big world, filled with wonder and amazement. But why her smile? Why?”

“I know that she, is only human, but that fact is what makes her beautiful. You see, a lot of people try to be, but she does it with ease, without guide, without any help, and without any difficulties. Now believe me when I say that a smile like hers can bring the entire universe back together when the stars are lost.”

“And what if her stars are lost? Or rather, what is she thinks that her sky every night is starless? That she is worth nothing? That she feels like she’s a failure and feel sorry for herself?”

“When I told her that all of my breaths from that certain point onward will be used to keep her stars alive for her, I meant it – I fucking meant it. I don’t need nor want her to apologize to me – or anyone – for being who she is. I accept, I adore, and I really love her as she is – as her true, authentic self.”





  1. Claudia Hernandez · May 8, 2016


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