Maybe it took cutting back the prettiest part of her
To finally realize that the shell she knew does not define her.
For she is so much more than the flesh and bone
That case the beautiful tragedies of her heart and mind.

Maybe what we are going through right now is important.

For love is an extension of a thorn from the rose,
And we bleed for the things we do not always need,
But what it leaves behind teaches us,
That pain is in fact necessary for growth.

For from it, castles are built on top of mountains
We never thought we could reach.
And it taught me that a love for her means a love for all I do.

And she, she is incredibly brave.

For not only getting through what had happened to her,
But knowing how much more she has to go
And still fighting like hell to bring her smile back to life.

There’s something to be said about a woman
Who goes that extra mile, knowing it’s a lonely place,
Because not everyone has the guts to make it.
She approaches each day with a full heart,
Accompanied by an appetite to be extraordinary.

And her success is not determined by how far she gets.

For when she has escaped the deepest hell,
She stopped counting the miles,
And start believing in her love for herself.

And I, too, started to believe in her since then.

I believe that she was swallowed by the ocean inside of her,
Only to be eventually released
By our love that is swimming deep inside her heart.




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