To me you are the sunset on a warm summer’s night,
Blues and oranges and pinks swirled in a mix of delight,
Heartwarming in the most amazing way.

Such wonderful hues,
The soft swirls and twists remind me of you.
The calm of an ocean, the intensity of a storm.

A certain kind of warmth,
Just hearing your voice or seeing your smile,
Soothes my frets, even just for awhile.

Your eyes shine light mint.
Your smile as deep as the dark waves.
Your laugh as refreshing as Spring.
Your silence as chilling as Winter.

No picture can really ever capture your true beauty,

But you don’t understand that.

You don’t understand that when I look at you,
I don’t see the plain girl you perceive yourself as,
Or the girl you think you were before.
You, are a beautiful, vibrant sunset.

And you are unstoppable.

Love, it’s a big, big world, filled with 7 billion people.
Filled with wonder, and filled with amazing things.
But my favourite thing to see,

Will always be your smile.




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