I once wrote something for her.
It was.. My first writing for her, I guess ?
I believe she still remember that certain thing until this day.
It was a self-made quote, about how beautiful she is.

About how every alphabet, every word, and every term exist there is in dictionary won’t be enough to describe her beauty; and let’s say, if there’s someone’s trying to describe her, that would be an utter insult for her beauty.

At least that’s what I write for her.
And she responded by saying, “Not bad.”.
Along with one mysterious smile in her face that I’ll never forget.
Come to think about it, maybe it’s the first time I felt like I want to write for her.
I want to describe her unmatched beauty in the most beautiful way possible.
And, well, since I said unmatched, maybe that’s why I thought that there’s nothing in this world that could describe her.
Not even the words themselves.
And yet, here I am, writing for her since months and months ago.

It’s like I’m trying to fulfill the impossible task of describing her perfect and unmatched beauty using my own words – by constantly arranging 26 English alphabets every single day.

I have this weird thought today about her beauty.
What if someone asked me to describe her beauty in a single color?
I mean, what color would I choose just to describe her unmatched beauty?
Am I still going to choose from one of the colors available in this universe? Since I said that there’s nothing that could describe her immaculate beauty.
Well, if I have to choose, the color would be..

Pastel purple.

Why pastel? Why purple?
First, she loves purple, it’s her trademark color.
I mean, whenever I saw purple, it instantly reminds me of her.
She even told me that she really, really loves purple.
Now, isn’t that enough of a reason for me to choose purple?

Secondly, pastel color.
Pastel color are.. Well, you lot know pastel colors.
I can’t really describe it, but it’s like those colors in the crayons.
I only chose pastel because the color is.. Soothing.
It’s soft, it’s milky, and somewhat near neutral, just like her personality.
But pastel color also means something.
Pastel color means something around washed out and desaturated.
And pastel color lacks strong chromatic content.
Maybe because of.. What has happened to her.

Doesn’t matter.
No, seriously; when I said pastel purple, all I could think about was how soft and warm the color is when combined with purple.
I just.. Remember all her kindness and her personality, and I really think she suits the pastel purple color, not the darker ones.

Alright, I really want to write more, but I need to get some rest.
I’m currently having this goddamn Gastrointestinal Infection.
My stomach hurts like hell at times.
Now I kind of understand how she felt when she got this illness.
Well, doctor said I’m overworking myself and all, and I need to get plenty of rest.

I’ll try to get some rest and think about what I’m going to write later.


Dear Love,

Pastel purple; that’s you.
Not the original purple, not the darker ones, not even light purple, no.
Pastel purple suits you completely, trust me.

About describing you in words.
No, I am not going to try to define you like a word in the dictionary.
It’s still going to be an insult, it forever is.

For, Love, you are as boundless as the sea, and as infinite as the night.

I’ve opened my eyes to the miracle of your presence.
I saw moonbeams, and pearls, and even pirate ships!
I saw galaxies just beyond reach in you.
There is nothing more mysterious and real as you.

I’ve wrote 250 posts, with, let’s say 200 regular posts averaging 1800 words each.
Means around 360.000 words written for you and/or about you, excluding the poems.
Love, you are more than those words that I’ve wrote.
You, are more than the miracle of language.

Because, Love, let me tell you once again : you, are beautiful.

I’m going to touch you like you’re a porcelain.
And I’m going to look at you like you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
You, you are like a kiss that leave me speechless,
And like a promise I take to my grave.

No, I’m not going to kiss you like you are the most precious thing in the world.
I’m going to kiss you madly and passionately, blazed in love.
Because you deserve no lesser show of love.

And because I will love you despite all your flaws – no matter what happens.






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