I saved every single expression of love
that she gave to me through the night:
All the things I’d been dreaming of
that set my soul alight.

Her smile – that bittersweet smile from her,
will always be my favourite art;
along with her lips that bound us together,
and sealed our throbbing heart.

For with every kiss, we froze time,
and became the envy of every twisted fantasy,
with our love’s sweet music as its chime,
ringing throughout the galaxy.

She is the whispers of moonlight,
And the glimpses of the early dawn.
She is my everything – my heart’s delight.
Then, she was gone.

They destroyed her in the most horrific way,
and led her sense of trust far astray,
poisoning her mind with doubt and dismay,
that coursed through her veins until this very day.

Just like a book with torn out pages,
or a song stopped halfway through,
or a question with no answers for ages,
she forgot things she’s sure she knew.

I tell myself the rain will stop pouring,
and the sun will find its way tomorrow;
it is what keeps me living and breathing.
But tonight, I’ll have to endure the sorrow.

And I will watch for her light
in every single star that shines,
hoping that one of them will shine bright
and finally brings her back home to be mine.




When this destruction is finally over,
And you’re left wondering where the pain goes,
You will find me in the eyes of the storm,
Sitting patiently, praying for rainbows.

Oh I wish I could see your smile just one more time.


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