Dear Love,

Every single day, my feelings for you are always brimming.
To the point where I can’t hold myself back and need to write.
Love, I have so many things I want to say.

And you’re the only who comes to mind;
the only one I want to spill my cup over into.

I want to stain your soul with my ideas.
I want to haunt your mind with my fears.
I want to hold your hand and whisper things you already knew, right into the center of your earlobe.
I want to bury my face between your hair and cheek, and laugh until I have no reason to be happy and it just comes as naturally as the way I feel about you.

I feel about you; in the nerves between my thumb and my forefinger.
I feel about you whenever I close my eyes and beneath my chest and against my wrists.
I feel about you in the mirror when I see an extra line beside my smile.
I feel about you on my taste buds in the morning.

I feel things about you.
I don’t know what they are but I like them and want them and I don’t know how to tell you; if I did, I would add about how you make my heart light.
How you carry me without knowing; how I enjoy the way you take my words and interpret them in the most stupid way possible.
I don’t know how to tell you, and if I did, maybe I wouldn’t.

Because being totally crazy about you comes naturally to me; for a connection I’ve always felt in you strengthens me, beyond the love I’ve come to know.
And if loving you is crazy, well, Love,
My craziness, my madness, comes naturally for you.
Or maybe, maybe it came because I’ve tasted your lips.

Lips that cure sorrow.

Love, you change things.
Not just the world, but souls themselves – my soul.
It’s like a type of sensation no medication or therapy can create.

Oh, I caught a piece of you, and all the colors of my world has changed.

I’ve been blind like a person who has never seen the light of the day.
I wasn’t truly lived until I saw the world you showed to me.
This world – this revolution you showed through the first kiss that we had.
Because beauty is never truly seen until I saw the world through your eyes.
Everything you see – we see – is a disaster.
A disaster made as beautiful as a water-colored sunset.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve grown attached to this madness – to this insanity.
To this sunset-colored bloom inside my heart called my love for you.




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