Dear Love,

Would you be silly with me?
Or rather, I should say, let’s be silly:

Let me kiss you in the middle of the busiest street.
Wear my oversized clothes on your little, small body.
Let’s have water balloon fights.
Let’s go to museums, aquariums, forests, lakes, or mountains.
Explore with me; go on adventures with me.

Let me make you feel wanted.

Let me write you letters, songs, and poems when I can’t figure out what I’m trying to say to you face to face.
Let me in – tell me your secrets, your goals, your conspiracies, and your fears.
Tell me all about your dreams.

Let me take you to all of my favourite places and let’s make memories there that we will never forget for the rest of our life.

Something like, walking down at the Disneyland Main Street with me.
Let’s go on rollercoaster rides.
Be grumpy when I beat you in games, or smile when you win.
Eventhough you might know that I let you won.

Dance with me in the middle of the crowd.
Let me kiss you in the middle of your sentence, because I can’t stand another second without tasting you on my lips.
Let me kiss you goodnight.
Let me wake you up with more than 300 kisses that we had.
Let me tickle you because I love the sound of your laughter.

Be as free and as deep as the ocean.
Be as wild and as powerful as the ocean.
Let me be so full in my loving, and let me be so full in my precense.
So you could let go and surrender the limits you’ve put on your feelings.
Let the emotions of your heart flow unguarded.

Let your love be expressed with no limits.

Love, don’t be afraid to jump.
I will be right there next to you.
Don’t be afraid to give me all of you.
I will give you every single part of me.

Take a chance with me.

Let us together go mad with love.






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