She is beautiful in her own mysterious ways.

She is beautiful.
Not just because she definitely is;
Not just by her appearance,
Not just by the way her lips moved so perfectly when she speaks,
Not just by the way her eyes speak volumes hidden by her mysterious soul,
Not just by what soothes the oblivious misguiding eye.

She is beautiful, solely because she is.
She really is.

Just ask the moon who sees her every single night,
Who sends its light through the curtains of her room.
For the moon and I hold similar thing:

Both of us are lost and found within eternity,
And her unmatched beauty are stirring inside me.
Like a collection of dying stars drowning beneath the waves;

Waves that belong to her ocean;
And I have fallen deeply, Drawn into her depths:

Lost in the abyss that she holds within her eyes.





  1. amritha2777 · April 11, 2016

    Its awesome !


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