Dear Love,

Let me talk about something.
Something that.. Has been on my mind since days ago.
I constantly said to you, myself, or people that read this about something important that usually is forgotten, called : Loving yourself.
It is true that to be beautiful means to be yourself.

That it is true, before we are accepted by others, we need to accept ourselves first.

While it is very easy to be said yet very, very difficult to be done because of numerous things such as our family of origin, our cultural influences, or even our self-perception, I do believe that it is one hell of an important thing that everyone needs to be aware of.
It’s an endless, going process; loving ourselves is not a one-time event.
It begins with us, enfolding ourselves in our own affection and appreciation.
Perhaps by being emotionally honest with ourselves and not avoiding it.
Or maybe by enhancing our life, and our health – by being good to ourselves.

Whatever it is, it teaches us to live in appreciation – to be grateful.

There’s this one quote that constantly said by people around the world:

“You need to love yourself before anyone else loves you.”

Right. Okay.
Let me say over here that I do agree about it.
While I do agree that loving yourself before getting into a relationship is very important, honestly, I feel that it is not entirely true.
Sometimes we need someone else to highlight our qualities to begin understanding that we truly are beautiful, and we truly are worthy.
Yes, some of us will run into assholes and obnoxious people.

But true love, real love, encourages us to love everything – especially ourselves.

I realized that fact after loving you all this goddamn time.
Yes, it’s late, I know, but doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary.
I said to you that it’s sad because after all this time, after all these months, after all that has happened, I just barely took my first step a week ago.
I just took my first step in making myself better.

But I do not want to do it solely for myself.

Maybe that’s why I constantly remind you on how beautiful you actually are.
Why I constantly pour out my feelings about you in my posts.

Because until this day, I still believe that together through our love, we can heal ourselves, each other, and the world -Love is our purpose.
It is one and only – our true calling.
Yet It begins with and within each of us.

Our love begins with and within you, and me.

And thus, I hope you understand why I remind you, myself, and everyone that read my posts about the importance of loving ourselves.
I hope you understand why I keep reminding you about how beautiful you are for me.
It was all because of one thing:

The love that I have for you.

I believe that loving someone – you – deeply, will give me courage.
Courage in facing anything that is going to happen in my whole life.
And I more firmly believe that, being deeply loved by someone will give us strength.

Love, if loving you was a disease, it would be worth it.
Nothing will stop me from madly loving you.






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