I was having one of the worst hangover in my whole life.

I just got home from office yesterday.
And randomly, my cousins called me and said that they got some drinks.
Well, I didn’t say no and drank quite a lot.
I now believe even more that drunk people are usually being honest.
By honest I mean, saying what’s on their mind outright without much thinking.
Because that’s what was happening on my cousin.

She’s (my cousin) usually quiet.
But yesterday she was killing it.
She was speaking so loudly about what is on her mind.
And, honestly, she fascinated me with all her thoughts.
Was somewhat stupid, but when you could see someone in their own ‘other’ self when they are drunk, even the most stupid form of stupidity could changed to awesomeness.

Now, about being quiet.
From my experience, and from what I’ve seen from her,
One of the risks of being quiet is that the other people can fill your silence.
But, they will fill your silence with their own interpretation.
They will think you’re bored.
They will think you’re depressed.
They will think you’re shy, stuck up.
Or they will even think that you’re judgmental.

When people can’t read us, they write their own story about us.
And sadly, it’s not always one we choose or that’s true to who we are.

I know that she’s having rough days.
It was something related to her job search.
I was having that kind of rough days, too.
It took more than two months for me to finally land into a good job.
At this point, I hope she’s not thinking too much about it.
I mean, I kind of understand the frustration of waiting for a perfect job.

I’m trying to help her, but sadly, recently job vacancies sucks.
Well I’m still trying to find a good job for her.
That, and I also pray for her every single day.

I hope everything gets better and better for her.


Dear Love,

I was about to give you something for your special day two days ago.
But I haven’t finished it.
I might be able to finally give you the thing this week.

I know you probably are having rough days.
It probably feels like being under constant storm clouds.
Being invisible, unnoticed by people around you.
Or perhaps you don’t even know how much longer you can hold on.
Maybe every single thing that has happened made you lost your faith.

Or worse, maybe you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong.

I’m going to remind you that you, are incredible.
I don’t care if other people do not feel the same way as I do.
But you make this world a little bit more wonderful.
You have so much potential, and you have so many things left to do.

I promise you better things are coming your way.
So, hang in there.
For we are never as broken as we think we are.
Well, we might have a couple scars, or couple of bad experience.
But then again, ALL great heroes do, Love.
I don’t care if you are damaged, and broken, or maybe unhinged.

I saw you made wings out of broken things and rose above the ones that hurt you.

You see, you, you are my light.
I discovered you in the dark, when my mind couldn’t interpret things like you.
You taught me everything – every single thing when I almost lost everything.
But most of all, you taught me that a soul could have such beauty.
No matter how small, how little, how scarred you think you are,

You, are one hell of a brilliance.

If I could, I would remind you of your beauty every single day.
Because you bring the very definition of beauty into life.
You blur the lines between my dreams and my reality.
But most importantly,

You give me the courage to love beyond words.

Strive on, Love.
Strive on with your brilliance and your utmost courage.

And always remember that I will always be there for you no matter what happens.






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