06-03-2016. [2]


Dear Love,

The hardest person to love has always been yourself.

You who sips your cup of chamomile tea at night. You with the untamed hair and wrinkled shirts. You with your habit of overthinking. You with your tongue of quirkiness. You with your weird mannerisms. And you, you. You.


You with the long quiet sighs when you’re having a bad day. You with all your imperfections on the tips of your fingers and memorized like the back of your hand. You with insecurities that you at times think as ridiculous. And you – you only being human.

Because in a world of colour and shapes; how could you even imagine fitting yourself in it like a missing piece to a puzzle? In a world of society rules and standards, how could you – you find a place for your imperfections to flow out and for your insecurities to fade into something along the lines of pride?

You have to love yourself.

Trace your lines of imperfection with gentle fingertips; brethe in your insecurities like the air of autumn and winds of spring. Be perfect in your own way; whispering how being you was beautiful and how other people don’t matter and how you were always so beautiful; just so, so, beautiful. Beautiful.

The hardest person to love has always been yourself.

Above all, I just want you to know how significant you are in case no other human in this cruel world tells you so. you do not have to be a symphony or a masterpiece to start loving yourself, or others in this world. There is so much love to give and receive if only you allow your heart to be open. Stretch it out as wide as the horizon. Fill your soul with all the world’s beauty as the tragic things in your eyes crash down around you like ashes.

And let nothing stop you. Not one goddamn thing.

I know that in the end, you will find your way back home – where you left your love inside my heart. And for me, I guess, all that is left, that which was left in the beginning, is to love every single thing that surrounds you as if death was soon to come to us all.

Because love always finds a way; maybe tomorrow, if not today.



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