Okay. I’m beat.

I really want to write about something, but I can’t really write much right now.
Perhaps I’ll try to write them all tomorrow.

She once said that whenever I say things about love to her, she will always take a step back from me.
I don’t really know why.
I want to know how does it feels like for her whenever she listens to my words of love.
Is it hurts that much for her?

I’ve said hundreds, or even thousands of words of love to her.
Perhaps whenever I say one word of love, she adds a foundation to her walls.
And now, I wonder.

How tall her walls are for me?


Dear Love,

What should I do to make you break those walls?
What should I do to make you look into my eyes and make you once again remember everything?

Tell me. Please.




  1. jenniferkelseyrobertson · March 3, 2016



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