Sonnet 4.

You’re the kind of beauty that dances still,
More than what my heart and mind want and seek,
That made me walked into my soul’s own will,
And left me breathless and helpless to speak.
Your stride, colored by those gorgeous small legs,
And seamless steps that write across the ground;
Even the air around is shred to threads,
As you left love poems without a sound.
And when you stopped walking, all else stopped too,
Yet your reflection moved just like a flame,
And burned my heart with one true love for you.
Oh what the heaven thought, letting you came?
            From flawless curves, to eyes, to perfect lips,
            Here on the Earth, this lovely angel lives.




Sometimes I think that this love is too much.
Sometimes I think that I should love you a lot less.
But what can I do? I’m just a human.
I’m totally powerless in trying to stop loving you.
It keeps growing and refuses to be reduced, let alone die.
And it has been.. 7 goddamn years.
So here I am, still being a complete fool.
The biggest fool in the world that loves you so damn much.
P.S. : I finally finished this after more than a month.


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