Someone once told me that none of us are actually afraid of dark.

We’re scared of what it conceals from us.
We are afraid of having something with the potential to hurt us standing right before our eyes and not registering it as a threat.
And I wonder, is it just the same with people that afraid of love?

They are afraid to be vulnerable.
They turn away and close their heart to the promise of love that is luring.
Perhaps their past has taught her not to be caught by something that is not worth pursuing?
I don’t really know.
But looking from what she has been through, perhaps, her past always remind her not to do something that once had led to her undoing.

Fear is stronger than love; only for average people.

And that, is what makes them so average.

If only she knew on how to not to be afraid of her fears;
That her fears are not there to scare her.
They are actually there to let her know that something is worth it.

And I’d do anything for her.

I’d cut my soul into millions of different pieces just to form a constellation to light her way back home.
I’d write love poems to the parts of herself that she can’t stand.
And I’d stand in the shadows of her heart and tell her that I am not afraid of her darkness.
I don’t care about her broken pieces, and I don’t mind of the cuts and bruises they will make.
And I won’t walk away.

No matter how harsh the winter is,
I will make her feel the heat of sunrays on a freezing cold day.


Dear Love,

Laugh at me, but, I don’t actually know on how to erase your pistanthrophobia.
And all I know, is to love someone with all that I have,
And with all that they have.

With all, that you have.

For I will love you with every piece of me.
I will love, and love, and love until I have nothing left.
And I will make more out of the nothing that lives where everything once did.
Do understand this, Love:

I would dismantle myself to put you back together again.






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