Sonnet 7.

As the midnight moon tantalized the room,
I remember observing you stretched out
Across the sheets in your unspoken bloom:
One rare and perfect beauty without doubt.
With purple drapes cuddling your small body,
You spread a dazzling grin from those fine lips,
Filling my hollow soul with melody
Of your laughter – removing its eclipse.
How very delicate I had to be,
Not to tarnish your porcelain white cheeks;
With each touch, eagerness jolted through me;
Tracing your curves, oh I dared not to speak!
            For you had captivate me with your art,
            And tightly tethered both our gentle hearts.




That night was quite warm as it always is.
Your lips were wet with cosmic desire.
I saw you there, beside me in bed, and caressing your hair.
It was as if I looked past the vision and energy of the world.
As if I stared blissfully straight into your soul.
That night, I lost all the reasons to love you; I no longer need them.
Both of us didn’t need a reason to drown in love that night.
You and I, white with heaven.
Oh I tried to find words to fully describe that night.
But divinity like that was just goddamn nameless.


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