Don’t shed your thorns; grip them like a sword, and never let go of your hold.
Keep yourself who you are; keep yourself protected, and let yourself unfold.

Because this is a chance for you to flourish, for you to thoroughly bloom.
To strengthen your heart, and to nurture yourself amidst the heavy gloom.

Do well aware of all the traits that you carry – so alluring, yet so vicious.
For only few know that you must be handled as something so precious.

I know that I need to treasure your petals as they gracefully blossom in color.
To leave you perfectly untouched and praised – growing to a dazzling wonder.

I won’t mind when you fall in my hands; I will still attempt to fully grasp you.
And I won’t mind the cuts on my hands when our worlds collide; I will tightly hold you.

Because Love, I will always be there for you as your beautiful soul grows.
Living, breathing, in one nameless exquisite divinity – like a heavenly rose.




Imagine that you are a rose, filled with beauty.
With fragrant aroma, and filled with perfection – Queen of the flowers!
Some might hate your thorns, but they are just hating something that they don’t have!
They are daisies! Lilies! Sunflowers! Tulips! Let them hate you for your thorns.
For I won’t even hesitate the slightest tiniest bit to embrace you.
You – your petals – your beauty – along with your thorns.
No, Love; I won’t let you wither and die;
I will keep you alive in my arms, with all your grace and fairness.


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