I’m not going back home.

I guess I’ll crash on the sofa just like last week.
Reasons? Nothing, really.
I just want to stop idling around and just do my work.
Beside working, what else could I do?

I’m new in town.
I’m new at my workplace.
My, uh, friends, don’t want to go out with me.
They still don’t really want to do everything with me outside the gaming session.
My family? They all have their own plans.
Co-workers? Like I said, I’m new at my workplace.
Her? She can’t even talk to me freely, how could I expect her to spend her weekend with me?

It’s not like I want to spend my weekend at my office.
But it’s.. Because I don’t want to spend my time idling around doing nothing.
Plus, there was something broken at the system and I had to help to fix it.

Well, I could read, or even write things when I’m at home.
But I guess I’ll skip. Idling around alone at home reminds me of her.
I do want to spend my weekend with her.
Talk about things, perhaps, do this and that together.
But I don’t think she would want to do things with me.

Both of us never had a chance to spend a weekend together.

Because she was super busy, the only chance we could go out together was on weekdays.
When I think about it, it’s kind of sad.
I remember the things I’ve planned for her.
Things that went to trash along with her trust when that thing happened.

I guess I need to get back to work.


Dear Love,

We never got a chance to spend weekend together, yes?
Perhaps we should, sometimes.
I got another book that I want to buy.

Would you be so kind to accompany me to bookstore?
I’m kind of afraid to ask you, honestly.
I’m afraid of rejection.
So, yeah, All I do.. Is just write it here.

Write it in this short letter that you might or might not read.
Although of course, I prefer the former.

And Love, I’ll try not to get too tired.
I’ll get some rest as soon as I feel tired.

Do worry less about me.




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