I was drinking my afternoon coffee at the pantry in my office.

It was an ordinary afternoon, and I’ve finished my lunch.
The difference was, I went up to 22nd floor.
I thought I’d ate my lunch with different atmosphere.
Because 22nd floor is.. Filled with designers and HR.
Well, isn’t it fun to get to know your co-workers?
Especially when you are new at your workplace.

So, like I said, I was sipping my coffee.
And this fellow came in.
She looked at me and smiled.
I smiled back.
And she proceeded to ate her lunch in front of me.
As for me, I finished mine, and just continued to scratch some things on my book.
Suddenly, she opened a conversation:

“Black coffee?”

“Uh, yes. Why? How do you know that?”

“People here are either drinking instant coffee with milk, or bring their own coffee maker and make their own freshly grounded coffee. But not this thick, and the smell isn’t this strong.”

“Wow. You made that up, didnt you? You were guessing.”

“Yes, but am I right?”

“Yes, it’s a thick black coffee.”

“I’m Annabelle. Design department.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, and, I read somewhere that, black coffee drinker are usually twisted psychopaths.”

I laughed.
We talked for awhile, and I went back to my desk.
Well, I met another fun co-worker.
And what my co-worker said made me thinking.
Coffee drinker? Twisted psychopath?
I don’t know, perhaps?

I guess it’s not about the coffee.
It’s about the bitterness.
People with love to bitter things are said to have psychopathic tendencies.
Now, she loves bitter things, I know that for sure.
And I.. I guess I began to love bitter things, too.

Are both of us – me and her – Psychopaths?

I don’t know, she can’t even kill bugs.
Not even with bug sprays.
I remember one thing that she said to me:

“I have my own policy: If I don’t disturb them, and I don’t kill them, I think they will do the same thing to me, they won’t come to me and won’t do any harm to me.”

Right. Okay.
Well, bugs don’t have that kind of thinking, I know.
But what she said proves that she’s not even close to killing anyone.
Not even the smallest animal such as bugs.
And yet they said people that love bitter things are psychopaths?

If she with all her kindness is called a psychopath,
Then what am I? World-class serial killer?
Even if I am a psychopath, I guess I’m a loving psychopath.

A psychopath that loves with all his beating heart.


Dear Love,

Are we psychopaths?
I guess we’ll have to find out later when we meet.
I’ll bring you some.. Uh, you can’t drink coffee with your stomach condition.
How about bittergourds? It’d be.. Nice, I guess?
Although I never heard any bittergourd eating competition.

But I can assure you, I won’t lose to you in doing it.

Or not. Maybe.
I guess. Perhaps. I don’t know.

Thinking about eating it is making my mouth bitter.
Ugh. I don’t even know what is going to happen when we eat that thing together.
I guess I’ll bring some strawberry juice to the place.

Love, we do like bitter things.
We could let that bitter taste from our foods lingering inside our mouth.
But not the bitter taste from our heart.
See the quoted picture below?
It means when we are angry, or upset, or sad, we should be careful that we don’t hurt others with our words. Because it is always MUCH more difficult to watch what we say when we are not doing well emotionally.

Just like myself few months ago when I was at home.

Well, the tongue is still the organ that feel the real bitterness.
Although it’s not limited to foods.
Our words – our bitter words – can hurt people.
And those words will stab other people’s heart.
Thus, making them bitter.

Don’t worry, I will always try to say better – not bitter – things about you.
And I will try to always my words as loving as possible.
For example, this one:

I love you.
I love you more than strawberries.
And as you already know, I really, really, really, really, REALLY love strawberries.
Your lips aren’t sour, I know.

But I would choose them over the most delicious strawberries.

Billion of hugs and kisses,





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