16-02-2016. [2]


Another exhausting day.

I didn’t get much sleep last night.
I was trying to write something, but I didn’t even know what to write.
But now, my mind is just so full of her.
I guess I’m going to make this one very short and get back to write things in my book.

I want to write something about her.


Dear Love,

Whenever I want to write, it is actually my heart screaming to show its feelings for you.
And you have to know, once I unleash my heart upon you, I will make sure you know it.
By turning it into the most sincere and heartfelt word I could ever imagine.
This blog is one of how I show it.

Speaking of writing, Love, I kind of want to read your words.
Your words – they are.. Something else.
Do you remember when you wrote that poem for us late at night?

Do you.. Remember when you love your words so much?
Your poems about us, and those things you wrote in your magic book?
That you’d stay up reciting them until the sun shone, Illuminating your beautiful teeth – lighting the way for the sentences there that wished to escape?
Do you remember weighing them individually to decide which had enough impact to shatter your bones, and at the same time rearrange you into being?
Do you remember understanding their meaning deep inside your heart?

I do.

And I think.. I think I’m going to read all of them right now.
I might not be able to read what you wrote in your magic book.
But I could still remember few things that you told me.

Let me drown in your words tonight.






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