Dear Love,

Can I be completely honest?

I have always been terrified of love.
I know it consists of a chance of dancing with bliss, or killed by misery.
I know that it will either strengthen me, or cripple me.
Yet I also know that love is the most beautiful thing in this crumbling, wicked world.
It is the twisting of souls.

If you ask me, what is the most horrific thing about love? Well, for me, it is surely loving someone with all that I have – loving you with my entirely – only to have it all vanished away within the hint of seconds.

But Love, loving you is different.
Let me tell you what it is like to love you:
When you are around, it’s as if everything around me screamed aloud with declaration of life.
It’s as if all the beauty exploded in the most exquisite fashion.
And even those that was not beautiful began to catch a fire.

Because, Love, woman like you is not ordinary.

You murder everything that is ordinary.
You become every single place that I go.
Those things people say that time moves slowly – or even stopped when you are with your loved ones? That’s bullcrap; even the universe are envious of what we have, she makes the time moves so goddamn fast when I am with you.
It’s not your appearance nor looks that makes you extraordinary.
Hell, I would shed all of my flesh and skin down to the bones beneath it just to show my soul; if that is what it takes for you to understand that appearance is not what makes you so fair and beautiful.

Yes, you washed away my fear of love.
You actually made me believe in love.
And I want you to feel it over your despise towards love.

Your heart might be covered in disbelief, or bathed in months of neglect.
But you have to know, it still has the power to amplify the beat of mine.
If you could only see, even just for slightest moment, how my heart gradually grows towards yours, and tries to protect it with layers of devotion, perhaps you would understand.
Perhaps you would apprehend the reason for it to sleep at the cold doorstep of your heart every single night.

Because there is still echoes of love reflecting from the walls of your heart.
I know they are there, and I want to embrace them.

Oh, how I want to paint the most beautiful pictures with the colors of my heart, frame it with our love, and hang it in the darkest corner of your soul.

Just to remind you that there is always a reason to believe in us.



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