I didn’t realize that today is a Valentine’s day.
Until just few minutes ago.

I definitely did NOT plan anything for today.
Uh, maybe just one thing.
I really want to give her purple flowers.
Rose – purple rose.
But that plan went to drain along with what happened to her months ago.

I can’t even remember on what I was doing on this day last year.

Whatever, I don’t really need Valentine’s day.
If I am allowed to think in cynical way, I’m going to say that..
Valentine’s day was only made so people could make more profit in a day.
Flower shops, Pastry shops, Chocolate shops, Fine Dining restaurants, you name it.
It wasn’t necessarily made so people could show love to their loved ones.
At least I don’t think so.

We got mother’s day, father’s day, and any other day made us think that we need to do something special on that certain ordinary – but extraordinary – day.
But those are not really that important for us.
We could – if we want to – show our love and affections towards our loved ones everyday.
In subtle ways such as what mothers do to their childrens,
Or in another subtle way such as simple care like what I used to to do her.

More impressive show of love?
Like I said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be done at a certain day.
In short,

We don’t need a special day to show the amount of our love to our loved ones.

But, let me say something.
I’m going to be completely honest here.
Sometimes, I kind of wish that someone that I love would do something on a certain day.
My birthday, the so-called Valentine’s day, any other of my ‘special day”.
The last time I got a cake was months ago, when I was working on my thesis.
She sent me a cake, and I really loved it.

I don’t know if I said all of those because of what happened to her.
Yes, I kind of crave some love from her.
I could use some care and affections from her right about now.
Which, unfortunately, she can’t give me any because of what happened to her.

Well, the day is going to pass in less than an hour anyway.


Dear Love,

Yes, you might hate lovey-dovey things ever since what happened to you months ago.
You might loathe for awhile back then because you really don’t want me to say words of love.

But, on this day, I want you to listen to me:

I don’t need the 14th of February to let you know how it feels whenever you smile at me.
I don’t need this day to tell you how much I love you when you are lost talking about what you love.
Nor do I need this day to let you know how the littlest things you do (not because of your small frame) affects me in every single possible way I can imagine.

I don’t need a goddamn Valentine’s day to let you know how much I adore you.

I will do whatever it takes, to make you feel like a superwoman everyday.
I will make you feel like you are bulletproof inside.
Feel as if you are not afraid of anything.
And nothing in the universe will come between.

You have to know, with or without valentine day, I’d fight for you.
Because love, there’s no barricade we can’t tear away when it comes to us.

Even if we are apart, even if we break, you know we could have it all.
And if those people – anyone – would dare to knock us down,
We’ll rise.
We’ll get up together and walk right up through these walls.

Love, together, we are invincible.

Happy Valentine’s day. Sunday.





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