Finally, she talked to me.

I’ve been asking her since yesterday about why is she ignoring me since 3 weeks ago.
And the answer was kind of surprising.
I was not expecting her answer:

“Every time you speak lovey dovey things to me, everytime you tell me about how much you love me, you act like we are still in a relationship, and it always makes me take a little step back. I actually am perfectly fine with us talking, but three weeks ago was the limit.”

I never thought she would think like that.
I literally opened my mouth in surprise.
To be honest, I perfectly know that she doesn’t want a loving relationship ever since that happened. But.. I never thought that she would be disgusted(?) by my way of showing all the affections that I have towards her.
And I wonder, why didn’t she tell me earlier?
I mean, she could tell me that she just doesn’t want me saying anything related to the love that I have for her to her; because I really think it’d be a fair warning for me. And I would definitely stop it.
Yet, well, she chose to stay silent about it and ultimately, ignored me completely.

But when she explained the reason to me, I felt a big chunk of load off my shoulders.

Because I finally understand what the hell is going on.
And right now.. I actually know what to do.
I said to her that I seriously won’t say anything about my love towards her.
That I won’t say something related to love.

Speaking of which, I’m still at the office.
I believe I said I hate weekends.

But I think I need to go back home and think of things.

Yeah, I should.



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