I went outside to see fireworks. Tomorrow is Lunar New Year, and some people are recklessly lighting fireworks just to have some fun. I honestly don’t mind. Apart from their deafening exploding sound, fireworks are beautiful.

But not for her.

I remember 4 years ago when she said to me that she was sitting at the floor, covering her both ears with her hands just because she’s afraid of the sound. She didn’t even see the bursting colors that was decorating the night sky. All she knew, fireworks are ugly, with their horrible exploding sound.

And I thought, perhaps right now for her, trust and love are similar to fireworks.

Trust is a beautiful thing, it makes us feel secure, and makes us feel like we have someone that we can count on everytime. And love, love is grand, it is the only thing that makes us feel truly alive in this wretched world we are currently living. Love and trust are two of the most beautiful things ever existed in life.

Yet she failed to see their beauty. All she knows, to trust is to be vulnerable. She thinks it makes her look weak in front of people around her. And she feels threatened to trust people – as if she hands people guns and expect them not to shoot her. As for love, she doesn’t even think that loving relationship truly exists even though we have a very, very sweet and wonderful relationship.

Right now, it’s as if she’s back to her frightened state. It’s as if she’s sitting on the floor, once again covering both of her ears, afraid to see the beauty of trusting and loving, deafened by how dreadful they may seem.

If only she would look past her fears; If only she would at least look up to see their real beauty. She needs to look up to the sky and understands that there’s more to fireworks than just their annoying and deafening exploding sound.

She needs to be brave instead of being strong. She needs to face her own fear to finally be able to see what real trust is, to finally see how marvelous our love is. Because strong itself is not enough; she needs bravery to see that there is more to trust than just being weak and vulnerable, and there is more to love than just mere fight, rejection, or pain; because to trust and love someone is to be completely alive.

She needs to realize that there are more to fireworks than just their loud, annoying exploding sounds; they are always beautiful if she just remember to look up and see their gorgeous colors lighting up the dark sky.

Just like there are always more to trust and love than being hurt or betrayed.





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