Sonnet 6.

Look what betrayal has done to my love:
She locked upon herself and cursed her fate,
While holding tightly to the remains of
Her heart in a completely broken state.
Part of her scattered pieces are missing;
And what is left does not enough for her
To consider our love as a blessing;
For she can’t trust people any longer.
Yet I keep myself from being apart
And show her depth of love I have in me;
For I would gladly give her my own heart!
Just to mend hers back to how it should be.
            I wish she could discern through emptiness:
            That our love could heal her brokenness.




I keep knocking on the door to her heart every single day,
Calling her name and asking to go in.
But she has locked me outside since that fateful day happened.
And all I could do is keep writing for her.
I slit my wrists and started to adorn the frozen door with poetry-
Written in blood.
If only she could understand that, after all, we’re just humans:
Drunk on the idea that only love could heal our brokenness.
If only she would let me touch her wounds with our love.


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